Jew from Egyp


(Jew from Egypt) is a book that includes in its first phase, friendship, elevated high level of humanitarian sense, and focused on the description of human nature, culture, customs and traditions between the spectra of the same society, and surprisingly it was also one like her in one of the Egyptian society, all of which presents to the good, peace and love , it was a payoff to the fundamental reason is that Egypt has embraced all human spectra, spectra Vmapt all in one pot .. Egyptian human was.
Formed human relations in the Jewish Quarter and evolved, like the evolution of the buds come and tolerant and rich meaning and value, as if blessed by the hand of ingenious caring concealed jurisdiction in glove soft velvet and grew tendency fair centrist far from the difference bacillus for imbalance, did not go beyond the other΄s right, did not invoke the belief , but maintained its sacredness, was pure relationship pure dew drops.


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Fathi ABU Taleb

سنة النشر